Sabine Tabernacle is a non-denominational full gospel church located in Beaumont, Texas. The church traces its history back to 1925 when Evangelist Raymond T. Richey first came to Beaumont to hold a healing revival on Magnolia Street. The first building was erected to hold services in the "Richey Tabernacle" and was built of lumber with wood shavings covering the floor.

Original Tabernacle Building

The church building in the early years.

Bro. & Sis. Harry H. Hodge

Bro. & Sis. Harry Hodge

Later, Brother Richey asked Reverend Harry H. Hodge to come to Beaumont and to take over the management of the church in 1932. A year later, Reverend Hodge agreed to take the pastorate with the condition that it become an independent work. So, in 1933 Reverend Hodge founded Sabine Taberacle. The church began to grow and flourish, serving as the home church to more than 170 other churches and missonary works formed by Bro. Hodge throughout Texas and Louisiana, as well as the Philipines, Mexico and South America.
The church continues today, following the same pattern established in 1933, preaching and spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
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From the Past to the Present, For Our Future... The History of Sabine Tabernacle
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